Why Home Care?

Many of us after leaving the hospital need a recovery period. Sun City Home Care can make this an easy transition by providing your medical needs in the comfort of your home.

Registered Nurses/Licensed Vocational Nurses

Skilled level of care given to you at home by professional nurses from Sun City Home Care. This includes catheter and wound care. Blood pressure check and blood sugar determination, Venipuncture for blood testing and IV therapy. These are only a few of the services available.

Home Health Aides

Sun City Home Care employs certified Home Health Aides to provide assistance when bathing, oral hygiene, nail care, shampoo and skin care.

Speech, Physical & Occupational Therapy

Sun City Home Care has available licensed therapists in the fields to deliver speech, physical and occupational therapy in your home.

Medical Social Worker

A certified, Masters prepared Medical Social Worker is available to provide family counseling and assistance with available programs to assist with individual financial needs.

Physician Supervision

All services are coordinated with your physician and provided under his/her orders.


Most insurance carriers, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare cover these services. Sun City Home Care will provide form processing and third party billing as a service to you.

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Sun City Home Care will assist to coordinate the rental of wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, beds, walkers, glucose monitors, and supplies with medical equipment supplier.